• Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Client: Guggenheim Foundation
  • Program: Museum
  • Size: 7500 m2
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Competition proposal
  • Collaborators: Schauman Arkkitehdit
  • Team: Ted Schauman, Jonas Nordgren, Ludvig Holtenäs, Simon Sköld, John Philip Edstrand
Bringing the Finnish archipelago into the new Guggenheim museum.

Landforms & Artforms

The project builds on the idea of bringing the subtle qualities of the Finnish archipelago into the new Guggenheim museum. The conceptualization of the project is based on studies of the “typologies” of the archipelago and introduces these to the way the museum is experienced and composed.

The learning environment facilitates innovation to be created, shared, and communicated to a broad audience.

The typologies range from vegetated rock-based islands and underwater reefs to smaller sand-based atolls with little vegetation and vegetationless skerries and cliffs that penetrate the sea. All of these together contribute to the unique perception of the archipelago, and this project aspires to convey that perception to the visitor of the new Guggenheim museum.s.

A vibrant, civic beacon in the heart of Helsinki

The Guggenheim Helsinki thrives from the Finnish culture as subtle combinations of physical qualities and establishes itself as an open civic cultural node in the very heart of the Finnish capital on a site that is flanked by the city, the park, and the sea.


Project images