Belsjø Terrasse

  • Location: Belsjø Terrasse, Norway
  • Client: H2 byg
  • Program: Residential
  • Size: 3 x 142 m2
  • Year: 2020-
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Collaborators: DNDA AS
  • Team: Ted Schauman, Jonas Nordgren, Kristian Kontula, Emanule Biscaro, Caterina Pini, Simon Drage
The three villas stand as solitary monoliths in the hilly landscape

Three monoliths on Belsjø Terrasse

The Belsjø Terrasse 12 villas are three residential dwellings located approximately 30 minutes south of Oslo, Norway. The three villas stand as solitary monoliths in the hilly landscape, each with a private garden divided by gabion walls filled with local granite. The three houses each comprise 142-square-meter residence with a 210-square-meter common parking basement for six cars and storage connected with a stair accessing the above gardens. The plan layout and the design of the landscape enable privacy for the three different families with views towards the surrounding forest and golf course.

Facade in dolomite stone, one opening per floor and façade, proportioned to emphasize the levels and construction

The facade is clad in dolomite stone with one opening per floor and façade, proportioned to emphasize the levels and construction. Each of the openings comprises a fixed large glass window with an adjacent wood shutter for ventilation. The ground floor of each of the residences consists of the anteroom with a guest toilet as well as social areas for dining, working, and socializing, whereas the upper floors are meant for rest and relaxation. The building has external, automatic blinds fitted to the upper frame of the windows and the blinds are in the same grey tone as the façade emphasize the monolithic character. The monolithic volumes culminate with a subtitle interpretation of a classical order cornice.

A spatial sequence from social to private

The inside space revolves around the double-height space which are the focal point of each building. The double height void also serves as a light inlet for the master bedroom placed on the second floor. Carefully glazed to let in as much light as possible acting as the nexus between social- and private space. A generous roof terrace with a garden tops the composition of each building with solar panels and wooden deck. Here the families can reside and get stunning views of the forest and sloping landscape towards the adjacent golf course.

Nordic dolomite stone and oak wood

A Nordic dolomite stone and oak wood is used for the external cladding and wooden shutters in the facade. The front door is made of brass hand has the SNA bespoke sand casted bronze handle and has a folded brass roof above the entrance door.


Project images