Villa Favre
Living in Nature
Turku Market Square Pavillions
Kumpula Campus - A diverse, urban and green campus environment
Tulli Halls
Mollis easy chair
Hiedanranta Innovation Bay
A.S.Helsingö Handles
Luostarinkatu - The park pavillion
Vridsløselille - transforming the old prison into a new green community
Helsinki East Urban Centre
The National Museum - Pavilion in the park
Napakymppi – The Courtyard of Learning
Kangas – City of Gardens
Karviaistie - From concrete to timber
Turku Railyard – Engel’s Blocks of Experience
Kunskapsberget – An interconnected knowledge environment
Pargas - Maritime Limestone Landscape
Guggenheim Helsinki Museum
Altewai Saome Flagship Store
Pori Art Museum - A warehouse of treasures
Totoro Chaise longue
Kaxjäla Archipelago Village
Nesbyen – Bring the Mountain to the Village
Lalax Boathouse
Water Lily Ponds of Örebro - A celebration of water and biodiversity.
Raisio – An accessible innovation city in the nature