Kokonniemi Sports Centre

  • Location: Porvoo, Finland
  • Client: City of Porvoo
  • Program: Ice halls, Multipurpose arena, Streetsport, Commercial
  • Size: 25 000 m2
  • Year: 2023 -
  • Status: On-going
  • Collaborators: MASU Planning (Landscape)
  • Team: Ted Schauman, Jonas Nordgren, Ilari Airikkala, Lasse Kristensen, Miika Jokelainen, Meeri Tolonen
Strengthening and improving the already existing sports environment

A new attractive centre for sports facilities, events, and services in Porvoo

Porvoo City Council plans to build a new Kokonniemi Sports Centre, offering versatile sports facilities, events, and services to improve residents’ well-being and attract visitors. Kokonniemi is a beautiful area in the center of Porvoo with popular sports halls and outdoor spaces. The area is already home to a wide range of sports facilities and opportunities, including ice rinks, a multi-purpose hall, a volleyball hall, artificial turf and grass pitches, an outdoor swimming pool, an outdoor sports ground, a skate park, and beach volleyball courts. The aim of the project is to strengthen and improve the already existing sports environment.

Drawing inspiration from the historic center and canal architecture of Porvoo

The urban objective of the new building is to establish Kokonniemi as the focal point of the sports center, integrating the essence of Porvoo’s historical architecture and blending harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the historic center and canal architecture of Porvoo, the building features gable roofs and a color scheme that pays homage to the city’s built heritage. Through the overlapping of activities, the building’s facade is divided into smaller, visually appealing sections, while simultaneously creating sheltered and versatile outdoor spaces amidst the building masses

Seamlessly connected to the outdoor space, creating an active and open space between the halls and the outdoor activities

Between the ice rink and the multi-purpose arena, there will be a common lobby area, serving as a low-threshold arena for day-to-day activities. This lobby area will seamlessly connect to the outdoor space, forming an active and open space between the halls and the outdoor activities.

To improve the local environment, the existing stormwater drainage bed has been partially relocated slightly to the west. The integration of green landscapes and the stormwater pond enhances the overall quality of the surroundings, blending the parking area and halls into the open landscape.


Project images