Lehtisaari Apartments

  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Client: Newil & Bau
  • Program: Housing
  • Size: 8750 m2
  • Year: 2021-2023
  • Status: Comission
  • Collaborators: ARCO, MASU Planning (Landscape), Ludvig Holtenäs (Photos)
  • Team: Ted Schauman, Jonas Nordgren, Kristian Kontula, Lasse Kristensen, Tymon Wolender
A 9-story tall point house, and four 4-story terraced apartment buildings

Urban living in nature

The Lehtisaari project consists of two housing typologies: “Torni,” a 9-story tall point house, and “Terrassi,” four 4-story terraced apartment buildings, centrally located on Lehtisaari. The surrounding greenery, maritime landscape, and city center proximity offer unique living opportunities. The architectural identity emphasizes urban living in nature.

An intimate courtyard on the upper level features terraces and garden-like plantings including playgrounds and seating areas bordered by a pergola. The lower level serves as a public entry area, connecting to northern street areas. The lower level’s green planting areas echo the forest slope on the southern block side.

Carbon footprint 54% lower than conventional buildings

Timeless materials like brick, wood, and glass, alongside clean-lined architecture, link to Lehtisaari’s built heritage. The architecture and interiors reflect the island’s typical 1970s brick construction.

The client’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the Lehtisaari buildings, with a carbon footprint 54% lower than conventional buildings.

Light and spacious interior

Apartments are characterized by being light and spacious. Tall windows and sliding glass doors connect to balconies and nature. Residents can personalize their homes with curated interior options.

Buildings offer a range of three- and four-room apartments. Large windows and balconies connect to the nature of Lehtisaari.


Project images