• Location: Malminkartano, Helsinki, Finland
  • Client: City of Helsinki
  • Program: Residential and Commercial
  • Size: 200 000 m2
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: Concluded - Invited competition
  • Collaborators: MASU Planning and WSP (Traffic)
  • Team: Ted Schauman, Jonas Nordgren, Lasse Kristensen, Meeri Tolonen, Hongfei Bi, Sara Spadinger
Each neighborhoods reacts to the surrounding urban fabric and natural landscape, creating a diverse and vibrant place to live

Renewing and reinforcing the existing identity of Malminkartano

The four-leaf clover proposal is based on four blocks, linked by Kartanonmetsä forest area and provides a flexible and diverse starting point for the development of the central part of the district. The plan will reinforce and extend the distinctive urban image created in Malminkartano by fitting the new structure into the existing urban fabric and the steep and uneven terrain of the planning area. Characteristic features are the great variety of architecture, the scale of the streetscape and urban spaces, the green structure (both in buildings and urban spaces) and the strong connection with nature.

A seamless connection to the existing context

The urban design is composed of four distinctive parts, connected by Kartanonmetsä. The structure of each reacts to the surrounding urban fabric and the natural landscape.

All units are connected by a “forest loop” circling and sloped area, which passes through city blocks and forest wedges, connecting different neighborhoods and parts. Sometimes it turns into a green courtyard and sometimes into a recreation route leading through forest.

Each block has its own identity, and each is linked to the surrounding urban fabric in its own way. The blocks are characterized by a mixed structure in which building types are intertwined. Towards Malminkartanontie and Kartanonmetsätien, the blocks form a new urban environment. The buildings border the street spaces, forming an active and diverse urban space. Towards Kartanonmetsä, the blocks open out into nature, forming a strong, distinctive link to the forest landscape. The open cliffs and escarpments of the Manor Forest provide a fine starting point for unique block identities.

Versatile streetscape and ways of living

Malminkartanontie is an urban and architecturally diverse area. The 4-7 stories building masses delineate the street space. The massing of the buildings divides the street space into smaller units, creating smaller, clearly defined alleys, which can accommodate an active paved area.

All blocks have their own courtyard building serving the residents. They are located on the side of the block, in conjunction with the allotment street and provide a common focal point for residents. In addition to the buildings, semi-public shared spaces are in the ground floors of the blocks facing the street. These spaces can be, for example, bicycle workshops, studios, reading rooms or club rooms.

The mixed structure of the area offers versatile housing. The building typology varies from slatted and point houses to low-rise buildings and townhouses. Each block consists of at least two different building classes, and the courtyard and environment of each block is different. This creates a strong foundation for a colourful whole with a mix of ages and interests.



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