Totoro Chaise longue

  • Location: -
  • Client: RVW Furniture,
  • Program: Lounge Chair
  • Size: -
  • Year: 2004
  • Status: Prototype
  • Collaborators: Reholz
  • Team: Jonas Nordgren
Comfort, and a place to replenish one's energies

Inspiration from Japanese fairytales

The Totoro chaise lounge takes inspiration from Japanese fairytales and provides sanctuary, comfort, and a place to replenish one’s energies. The chaise lounge is constituted by the crescent-shaped wooden outer shell and the inside of the shell is clad with cushioning for comfort. It is upholstered in fabric or leather, and rests upon a double cross steel leg frame.

Balance between the visually bold and the physically endearing

Its asymmetric shape makes it ideal to furnish in large spaces where you want to create a variety of spaces, both more closed as well as open. The outer shell is made from 3D veneer and is one of the largest products produced in this material. The Totoro deftly achieves a balance between the visually bold and the physically endearing.


Project images