Tulli Halls

  • Location: Tampere, Finland
  • Client: YH Kodit, City of Tampere
  • Program: Mixed use development
  • Size: 9800 m2
  • Year: 2018-
  • Status: 1st prize, competition in 2018, design on-going
  • Collaborators: MASU Planning, Schauman Arkkitehdit, Nisunen Grönlund, Ramboll Finland, Sweco
  • Team: Ted Schauman, Jonas Nordgren, Kristian Kontula, Lasse Vejlgård Kristensen, David Monteiro, Justyna Krokowska, Ulrik Montnemery, Jaap van den Hoogen, Ella Kaira
A vivid cultural node in the center of Tampere

Building upon the industrial heritage

The Tulli area, located in the city center of Tampere, is literally colored by its industrial heritage which also is a prominent quality in the center of Tampere. The red brick is significant for the area and also a robust parameter to build on, emphasizing heritage and at the same time creating generous conditions for long usage and durability.

Mixed-use development including office, housing, and cultural spaces

The tower is a beacon and focal point for Tampere’s-, and the area of Tulli’s future and will guide guests from the travel center and other parts of Tampere to this cultural arena of both in- and outdoor spaces. Both the skyline and the experience in eyelevel will have a grounding in Tampere’s proud heritage as well as aspiring future.


The Tulli Halls project will provide Tampere with an environment for future growth based on the city’s heritage. It enables attractive living conditions for a broad target group as well as a public environment where the citizens can meet and share knowledge, experiences and create new stories together in the very center of Tampere.


Project images