• Location: Albertslund, Denmark
  • Client: Freja Ejendomme
  • Program: Urban Planning
  • Size: 175000 m2
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: Invited competition
  • Collaborators: Alex Poulsen Arkitekter, MASU Planning
  • Team: Ted Schauman, Jonas Nordgren, Caterina Pini, Emanuele Biscaro, Paulina Schröder, Lasse Kristensen
A transformation of the iconic prison into a new green community

Starting a (r)evolution

Albertslund is known for its experimental and innovative low-density buildings and urban planning, which integrates water and greenery inside and around the buildings. This experimental way of building forms the platform for sustainable and innovative urban space, architecture, and modern community. When it comes to Vridsløselille, the district must strengthen these values. Through joint initiatives, which also characterize Albertslund, a cultural life can sprout in the district with new opportunities for indoor and outdoor events.

A connecting green wedge as the backbone of the plan

Connecting architecture and nature with movement, urban spaces are created that encourage play and activity. These meeting places in the urban environment create both security and a basis for a healthy living environment. The local, small and large community can be found in several places in the district. Here, self-sufficient circular and citizen-run cafes, sharing networks and study circles with local food production, recycling and upcycling, and joint management of the facilities are encouraged

Social sustainability with active common meeting places

The neighborhood will be an inclusive district that can offer housing for a diverse group of residents. Housing with varied forms of ownership, affordable housing, special communities, and generational housing, etc. The variation will make the plan strong and flexible while strengthening social sustainability with active common meeting places. The architecture is characterized by bricks in light tones, recycled from the ring wall and the old prison complex.


Project images