The Pavilions receive the “Good Construction Award 2022”

The market square pavilions have been awarded the “Good Construction Award 2022” in Turku. The prize is awarded annually by the municipal Cityscape Board to a project that is completed in the last three years, is of high quality and innovative design and has improved the quality of the urban environment.The jury states the following: “As buildings, the pavilions are elegant, appropriate to their location, original in form and ambitious in ambition. They are well placed in the central urban space and enliven the area in a new way. The ambitious architecture of the Market Pavilions has been executed to perfection. The technical spaces have been integrated within the enclosed wood-clad trunks in a smart way, allowing the commercial spaces and terraces to open up freely onto the market square. The clever combination of glass, wood and steel and the openness of the canopies and spaces give the buildings an elegant sense of lightness.”

For more info about the award, follow this link.